Many people enjoy snacking but often feel they don't know how to make the right choices to meet their needs. Mindful Snacking is an approach to eating with intention and attention so you don't have to choose between snacking and eating right for the moment.

Focusing on the present moment can help you discover a more satisfying snacking experience and positive relationship with your food.

Mindful Snacking can be practiced in three simple steps. The next time you choose to snack, ask yourself these important questions.

Check your hunger level before reaching for a snack. Are you snacking because you need energy or you are hungry? Or is this snack providing a pause in your day? Are there external cues prompting you to snack, such as being in a social setting? Or is this a treat? Determining why you want to snack can help you choose what to eat to meet your needs in the moment.

What kind of snack will satisfy your needs in this moment? Think about taste and texture of your snack: Are you looking for sweet or savoury? Creamy or crunchy? Hot or cold? Once you decide what you want to eat, portion out your snack and reduce distractions to help you enjoy your snacking experience.

Use all of your senses to savour your snack. Focus on the smells, tastes, textures, shapes and colours of your food to fully enjoy your snacking experience. And remember to check in with yourself to see if you are full and satisfied.

Christie Crackers are delicious choices for mindful snacking. These versatile crunchy crackers can either be topped with creamy dairy and fresh produce or simply eaten by themselves!

Portion out the amount of food you choose to eat. Be mindful of how much you are eating, your hunger level and external cues.

Reduce distractions and be present. Put down your phone or step away from your computer/TV. Focus on each bite or sip to fully enjoy your snacking moment.

Inhale the sweet, aromatic fragrance of Pomegranate seeds mingling with the fresh, milky ricotta.

Savour fully the salty-sweet bitterness of Cracker, Olive and Pomegranate softened by cool, creamy-light Ricotta.

Give each bite your full attention. Enjoy your snack experience just a little bit longer.

Notice the mouth feel of complimentary textures. The crunchy whole wheat cracker mixed with smooth creamy cheese and spongy olive slices mingling with crisp Pomegranate.

Be sure to fully finish your bite before taking the next. Pause and check to see if you are full and satisfied.

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